Jean Doyle has been producing bronze monumental works since 1980. She has produced a number of world renowned sculptures that are located all over Africa. These include monumental works such as Nelson Mandela’s “Long walk to Freedom” monument situated at the Groot Drakenstein Prison in Paarl. Thousands of tourists visit this statue annually and it has become one of the most photographed statues in Africa. Jean Doyle was commissioned to sculpt this prestigious sculpture and Doyle Art Foundry produced the statue over a period of 12 months. As much as 450kg of bronze was used in the casting process and 12 trained foundry-men ranging wax makers to mould makers, casting technicians and fettlers were involved in the process. This monument was unveiled in August 2008 by Nelson Mandela himself.

Another national monument was the Hastings Banda monument in Malawi. This monument stands 3m tall and was sculpted and cast in Cape Town by Doyle Art Foundry. This piece took also took just on 12 months to complete and was then transported to Malawi and installed there. The sculpture was unveiled by Bingu wa Mutharika, the president of Malawi in May 2009. A full team of foundry-men worked on this project over the year or so that it took to complete and a smaller team accompanied the statue to Malawi to erect it in time for the official opening which was declared a public holiday for the event.

However, one of the largest projects undertaken by Jean Doyle was the Angolan national monument in Kifangondo which is said to be one of the largest in Africa. This monument stands almost 9m tall and weighed in at over 8 tons. The work was completed over an 18 month period and was worked on by 12 highly skilled foundry-men as well as artists and other support staff. The sculpture was produced and completed in Cape Town and then transported to Luanda in a Russian Anotov cargo aircraft. From Luanda it was transported by road to its final resting place in Kifangondo where it stands today. Kifangondo is where the actual battle, depicted by the statue, actually took place.

The Angolan Government also commissioned Jean to produce another National monument called Agostinho Neto

The statue of “Just Nuisance” can be seen on Jubilee Square in Simonstown. Jean Doyle was awarded the commission in a country-wide competition and completed it in 1985.

Jean Doyle directed and lead a team of artists to produce a life-size elephant. This magnificent sculpture was cast in bronze at the Doyle Art Foundry. The elephant was initially manufactured for a company in Dubai.

Diamond SA commissioned Jean to sculpt two life-size diamond miners to be fitted as show pieces for their two major outlets. The miner above stands proud at the V&A Waterfront on Cape Town.

SEPTEMBER 2013-10-23

A copy of the “Long Walk To Freedom” monument of Nelson Mandela (Victor Verster Prison) was erected outside the South African embassy in Washington in September 2013.
This was to remember those American’s who participated in the fight against racism and apartheid.

Other works include:
A bust of Prof. Pearson, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
A bust of the founder member of Old Mutual, Charles Bell

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