Catlin CV

Born, Johannesburg, South Africa. Painter of landscapes, portraits and figures. Works in mixed media

Studies: Cape Town Institute of Fine Art; Accepted for Masters Degree at Royal College of Art (London) 1983

Publications: Gallery 1983

Corporate / Public SA National Gallery, Cape Town; Johannesburg Art Gallery

Collections: Pretoria Art Museum; Durban Art Gallery; Pietersburg Art Museum; Stellenbosch Univ. Collection: SA Reserve Bank Collection; SA Dept. Education & Training, Pretoria; SA Reserve Bank, Pretoria; Public Library Collection, Cape Town; Good Hope Bank of South Africa; Royal College of Art, London; Pullitzer Collection, USA; Standard Bank Collection, Johannesburg

Private Collections: Works held nationally and internationally

Competitions: National and International - 1979 - 1994, Cape Town Biennial, SA National Gallery; SA Republic Day Festival, Durban; First Cape Town Triennial, SA National Gallery; "Woman Artist of SA", SA National Gallery; 3 x Grand Prix International d'art Plastiques, Nice, France - once Award Winner; travelling exhibition representing SA/Russia/ USA

Solo/Group Exhibitions: Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg; Gallery International, Cape Town; Kunskamer Gallery, Cape Town; Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg; London, UK

Part of an address to SA National Gallery:
"Artists need to earn a living and if the unwritten but apparent official line from institutions
and advisors who impact corporate purchasing weighs against freedom of expression in art, not only the artists but art growth in South Africa is the loser. Those of us who are not working in the political idiom need a clear statement of our future and the future of free art in South Africa. We agree that it is important upgrading and helping the previously disadvantaged artists, but balance is equally important to ensure that quality art across the board is recognised and encouraged in South Africa for us all to have a strong art culture." ...Gail Catlin, 1997

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